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Jan 28, 2010 3:00am EST
. open this one r me and tell me what you think. that's from bank of america. and on the back it ss 0% intro apr. >> yes, but theris an astesk or whatever that mark, so i have to now read at footnote i will have remove my glasses to read it. it says, "for thissee dilosure summary insert for details." now i have to find a disclure summary, which is the onhere. so, on the outside, says 0% intro apr; ihere, it says that mypr is 11.9%, 15.9%, or 19.9%, right, and "the apr y receive is determined bad on your credit rthiness," so i have no idea which o i am going to gethen they approve me. >> bergman: so, discsure, you say, doesn't work? >> i mean, look at howuch time it takes for both of uso go through this. >> bergman: yeah, exactly. >> ihink that your average consumers not going to be able to tranate what the real pricing is. bergman: now, y put out statements like is from pridian. >> we did. we did, solutely. >> bergmanwell, the criticism is that it's exploiting the custer, the fact that they don't reallynderstand what's going toappen. >>n a way, i will say yes. in a way, e pricing was
Jan 26, 2010 10:00pm EST
card bank, bankf america, to protest thcutting of his cdit line. >> and there's nobody that i can speak with at this poi? okay, well, thank you very mh. they're havi extremely hig call volumes. they c't even take your call right no , my guess is the poor littl six people in at department are busy n >> beran: they're the few people who don have to worry aboutheir jobs at bank of america. dead center here. >> bergman: thnew credit card act is not gng to help small busine owners like ben collins. their cas are excluded from the law. >> it's a great overght because companies like me are the companies at are going to be the firstine of hiring. and the re difficult they make it for us to rvive and thriven this economy.. it's disappointing, and it left aad taste in my mouth. >> bgman: a national survey says that re than 50% of amicans have had similar changes to theirredit cards of one kind or another. thiseans that tens of miions of americans are now facing much hier monthly yments on their bills, which isspecially tough in a bad economy. >> i'm hanging on, iwhere i am. i am doing as mu
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)